Rails Benchmarking and a Public AMI

You remember that Rails benchmark I've been working on? I've been making it friendlier to quick runs and getting results in its final (?) AWS configuration.

If you check its Git repository, you'll find lots of Packer code to make a nice AMI that boots up and puts JSON benchmark results into a publicly-served directory. At least, if you happen to know the right IP address to go to. I'm assuming your JSON results aren't terribly important to your security -- or that you can modify the Packer code yourself, or not expose a public IP address when you spin up the AWS instance. Suit yourself.

I've just made the AMI public: ami-745b8262. That means you should be able to spin up a new instance of it with something like the following:

aws ec2 run-instances --image-id ami-745b8262 --count 1 --instance-type t2.2xlarge --key-name my-ec2-keypair-name

Replace the keypair name with your own keypair, naturally. Though you don't have to SSH in. Instead, you can navigate to the instance's public IP address, and to /benchmark-results/ to see a directory of (currently one file of) benchmark results. See /etc/rc.local if you're curious how the benchmark is run. The code is all from the repository above, naturally.

I'm still modifying the benchmark and the tooling. But I'd love any feedback you have. Is this a convenient way to make a benchmark canonically accessible? I'm also still testing AWS performance to see how the above varies from using dedicated hardware -- the above command line still uses standard shared instances if you copy and paste it verbatim.